An Early Video Peek at LaLa's Übercheap Music App

The latest news, in The Week Of The LaLa: the company's long-promised iPhone app, which would bring the bizarre play-a-song-once-for-free-then-pay-10-cents model to mobile, has been submitted to Apple. And assuming they don't abort it, this is what it'll look like. » 10/29/09 11:25am 10/29/09 11:25am

Lala iPhone App And Its 10-Cent Songs Might Be Reality By Year End

We heard of Lala's iPhone app a year ago, but now, along with their connection to Google's music service, we're hearing that the app is going through the approval process with hopes of availability by year end. » 10/22/09 7:44pm 10/22/09 7:44pm