The mesmerizing orchestra of machines boning and butchering meat

Take a lamb and feed it inside Scott Technology’s Automated Lamb Boning System and you’ll get perfect cuts of meat that have been expertly sliced by an entire orchestra of robots. It is OCD serial killer-levels of methodical to see carcasses get served up by steel machines, like any emotion we have towards animals… » 7/09/15 10:30pm 7/09/15 10:30pm

This beauty is a delicious lamb burger in disguise

The Pornburger of the week might not have the appearance of a proper burger, but who cares when it's so delicious: A gorgeous braised lamb patty, sauced with lamb demi glace, stuffed inside a golden yorkshire pudding, and topped with potato and parsnip gratin, crispy onion rings, and mustard caviar. » 10/07/14 11:01pm 10/07/14 11:01pm