Hidden Batcave Raises From the Underground to Reveal Shiny Lamborghinis

Click to view »10/29/08 6:45pm10/29/08 6:45pmHoly Batman on a bat-pogo bat-stick. I don't know where this underground garage is located-and probably I will never know since it's perfectly camouflaged under a stoned driveway-but who cares. Now that I know that you can build a hidden underground cave in real life, one with an hydraulic system that can…


Asus VX1 Lamborghini Laptop: Hands All Over, Predictably Faster Than Hummer Laptop

PC Magazine reviews the Lamborghini-branded Asus VX1, filling the entire writeup with terrible automotive journalism cliches. They compare it to the iTronix ruggedized Hummer Laptop, and last year's Acer Ferrari Laptop. Predictably, with its 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo T2500 and Gig of RAM "Under The Hood", it's faster than… »8/11/06 10:16pm8/11/06 10:16pm