These guys made a $2 million Lamborghini with only $15,000 and a Volvo

If it looks like a Lamborghini, if it smells like a Lamborghini... it still might just be a Volvo. Yep, the $2 million supercar you're staring at above was made at home from guys at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan using a thirty year old Volvo 740. The total money they spent to make a carbon copy of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento… » 2/18/14 10:00pm 2/18/14 10:00pm

This Is A $450K Lamborghini Dangling Over An NYC Rooftop

Lamborghini is known for going all out when it comes to parties. One timethere was talk of flying a yacht into a lake. That's how they roll. And for the Super Bowl, they're putting cars on an NYC rooftop for a charity event. » 1/31/14 12:15pm 1/31/14 12:15pm

Just Because You Can Stretch a $400,000 Aventador Doesn't Mean You

A British luxury car rental company is looking to make a bigger name for itself by creating what could be the world's first Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo. For the moment Cars For Stars' bold creation is only in the concept stages, but with a deep-pocketed sponsor the company is optimistic about making it a… » 3/12/13 8:46am 3/12/13 8:46am

Remainders: Stuff We Didn't Post (and Why)

Case-Mate Designs Kindle Case, Proves They Don't Understand Kindle...Famous Watchmaker Teams With Famous Carmaker To Launch Least Famous Phone Ever...Designer Discovers Way To Make Bike Seats More Uncomfortable...Wind Turbines Go Stealth to Quit Screwing Up Radar » 11/02/09 11:00pm 11/02/09 11:00pm

Hidden Batcave Raises From the Underground to Reveal Shiny Lamborghinis

Click to view » 10/29/08 6:45pm 10/29/08 6:45pmHoly Batman on a bat-pogo bat-stick. I don't know where this underground garage is located-and probably I will never know since it's perfectly camouflaged under a stoned driveway-but who cares. Now that I know that you can build a hidden underground cave in real life, one with an hydraulic system that can …

Dealzmodo: Free Sirius Radio With Purchase of Lamborghini

For most of us, the deciding factor against getting satellite radio are those pesky subscription costs. Now Sirius has just signed a deal with Automobili Lamborghini to offer the car customers free lifetime service of Sirius. One word of caution: The deal starts with the 2009 Murciélago. So make sure you don't buy a… » 6/24/08 9:00am 6/24/08 9:00am

Asus' VX3 Lamborghini Laptop Arrives, Costs 2% of Real Lambo

Asus just gave a new look and hardware upgrade to its Lamborghini laptop. The VX3 edition has a 12.1" screen, weighs 3.6 lbs, and features such luxe amenities as a sapphire-crystal lens on the built-in camera, a handmade leather palm rest and a titanium alloy hinge. There is also the "authentic" Lamborghini logo to show… » 4/24/08 9:09am 4/24/08 9:09am

Wire Lamborghini Relies on Pedal Power to get Around

This Lamborghini made of wire was shown off at the Art Car Parade in Manchester last month. The two guys behind it, sculptor Benedict Radcliffe and pedal car designer Ben Wilson, even managed to get the attention of a British cop &mdash probably the first time a Lambo has been ticketed for going too slowly. See the pic… » 10/04/07 6:00am 10/04/07 6:00am

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Lamborghini Edition has Awesome Bearings

Please make the Nokia 8800 madness stop! This is the latest version of the Nokia 8800 shiny slider phone. This time it comes in special edition Lamborghini style. The specs for this limited edition 8800 are the same as all of the past models. The only difference is the included Lamborghini logo laser-etching and the… » 11/27/06 4:51pm 11/27/06 4:51pm

Asus VX1 Lamborghini Laptop: Hands All Over, Predictably Faster Than…

PC Magazine reviews the Lamborghini-branded Asus VX1, filling the entire writeup with terrible automotive journalism cliches. They compare it to the iTronix ruggedized Hummer Laptop, and last year's Acer Ferrari Laptop. Predictably, with its 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo T2500 and Gig of RAM "Under The Hood", it's faster than… » 8/11/06 10:16pm 8/11/06 10:16pm