Copyright Board of Canada Plans to Tax Legal Music Downloads

Oh, Canada. You already tax MP3 players and blank CDs. Now you want to tax downloads themselves? The Copyright Board of Canada has given the thumbs-up to a tax of at least 2.1 cents for individual tracks and 1.5 cents per track for whole album purchases from online stores. Even subscription services will have taxes… »10/19/07 3:40pm10/19/07 3:40pm

DJ Rips-off Will it Blend, Ruins a Wiimote in the Process

I like to consider Will it Blend? the lifeforce of the Internet. So it is a damn shame when some lame-ass disc jockeys try to rip off the idea and blend a Wiimote in the famous BlendTec Blender. Seriously, how many listeners did you lose that day when you blended something over the air? The Wiimote blended, kind… »12/21/06 2:00pm12/21/06 2:00pm