Alessi's LED Light Bulbs Don't Need No Stinking Lampshade Covering Them…

I love that you don't need to hide Alessi's first range of LED lightbulbs under a lampshade—in fact, they are the lampshades when screwed into Giovanni Alessi Anghini and Gabriele Chiave's Lumière desk lamp. The AlessiLux collection has several different bulbs to choose from—isn't the green U2Mi2 robot bulb… » 4/25/11 8:40am 4/25/11 8:40am

Make a Sad Little Campfire in Your Bedroom, by Switching on This Lamp

I say sad little campfire, but really, anything that resembles a camping trip is bound to make you happy—you can almost smell the sweet alpine air just thinking about it. Fortunately a trip to the country is cheaper than this blown glass lamp, which costs 120 Euros / $168. [Skitsch via Cinq Cinq Designers via … » 3/07/11 4:20pm 3/07/11 4:20pm