Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver Makes You Biggest Nerd In The Herd

Seriously, if you ever thought those around you doubted your supremacy in the nerdiverse, buying something called a "quiver" for your keyboard and mouse will settle the matter once and for all. It's no +2 Quiver of Plenty, but the $70 Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver, coming this October, may feel like one. »8/20/07 12:45pm8/20/07 12:45pm

I'm sorry, but…

Gigantic-Clawed Dragon Bot Terrifies and Helps at the Same Time

Updated: The Enryu T-53 "support dragon" has two powerful yellow claws at the end of each hydraulic arm, but, fear not, it's here to help. The 3-ton rescue vehicle is controlled either with joysticks or, à la Robot Jox, a system where the arms of the machine mimic the arms of the operator, though with slower… »7/18/07 11:50am7/18/07 11:50am