Toshiba T802 8GB Gigabeat Is Wireless, Slim and Cheap

Toshiba has upgraded and updated the Gigabeat T401. Now known as the T802, the slimline PMP now has wireless network connectivity, 8GB of flash memory, and claims 16 hours of MP3 playback or five hours' video use with WMV support. Price is $280, available in Japan from February 15. [Impress through Google Translate]
» 2/07/08 6:12am 2/07/08 6:12am

Happy 30th Birthday LAN! Thank God For Meatball Sandwiches

Oh LAN, it seems like it was only yesterday that your first commercial installation (ARCnet) was born at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York. We must give thanks to Harry Pyle and that meatball sandwich he was eating for providing the inspiration behind ARCnet all those years ago. Enjoy it while you can old friend,… » 1/31/08 4:50pm 1/31/08 4:50pm

Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver Makes You Biggest Nerd In The Herd

Seriously, if you ever thought those around you doubted your supremacy in the nerdiverse, buying something called a "quiver" for your keyboard and mouse will settle the matter once and for all. It's no +2 Quiver of Plenty, but the $70 Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver, coming this October, may feel like one. » 8/20/07 12:45pm 8/20/07 12:45pm

I'm sorry, but…

Gigantic-Clawed Dragon Bot Terrifies and Helps at the Same Time

Updated: The Enryu T-53 "support dragon" has two powerful yellow claws at the end of each hydraulic arm, but, fear not, it's here to help. The 3-ton rescue vehicle is controlled either with joysticks or, à la Robot Jox, a system where the arms of the machine mimic the arms of the operator, though with slower… » 7/18/07 11:50am 7/18/07 11:50am

LAN Cordless DUALphone Does it All: VoIP, Internet, Land Lines

The LAN Cordless DUALphone does triple duty, letting you make conventional cordless phone calls, talk on Skype and check your e-mail all in one handset that has a color display. It's good for eight hours of talk and 240 hours of standby on a charge, and will be available for providers and carriers after the end of… » 3/06/06 4:53pm 3/06/06 4:53pm