Verizon Won't Rebuild Its Landline Network in Some Sandy-Affected Areas

As the damage from Hurricane Sandy is disappearing and some things are returning back to normal for those in the hardest hit areas, six months after that hurricane devastated parts of the East Coast, Verizon is telling some customers that they will not be getting their landline phone service back—ever. At least not… »5/06/13 6:11pm5/06/13 6:11pm


gHome Replaces Your Landline with Google Voice for Only $5 a Month

Replacing your landline with Google Voice is light years mo' better than paying monthly dues to a telco, we already know that. But there's always been a certain tradeoff in whether you're paying too much money or doing too much work for a Google Voice landline. gHome is a $5/month service (cheap!) that is easy to… »3/08/11 4:36pm3/08/11 4:36pm

FCC Asked to Get Carriers to Hurry Up Local Number Portability Already

With all the advances in technology we've had over the last couple of decades, you'd think that something as simple as changing your land line number into a cellular one would take hours at most. At least Congress does, and its now urging the FCC to put rules in place that will speed up local number portability… »7/19/08 5:30pm7/19/08 5:30pm

Ringboxx Gives Your Home Phone a Slice of the Ringtone Action

Let's face it, the ringtone on your home phone is dull and annoying. Fortunately, the Ringboxx can change all that by getting your home phone in on the custom ringtone party. Users can connect the device to a PC and download a tone from a collection of thousands of popular songs. It can even be programmed to sync… »12/04/07 8:00pm12/04/07 8:00pm