This Topographic Calendar Turns Your To-Do List Into an Actual Mountain

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed with all the work on your plate, it's probably a bad idea to keep track of it all on this lovely calendar Land Rover has made. Using the topography elevation lines you'd find on a 2D map as inspiration, this calendar ends up looking like a genuine miniature mountain on your desk,… » 7/11/14 5:20pm 7/11/14 5:20pm

An Augmented Reality Transparent Hood Could Keep You Out of Potholes

Aside from the sleek body designs and supercharged engines, part of the appeal of a sports car is feeling close to the ground, hurtling along with such close proximity to the roads as to feel a tangible connection to the street or circuit beneath you. But as Jaguar Land Rover's Transparent Bonnet concept shows,… » 4/09/14 8:30am 4/09/14 8:30am

SUV Sculpture Unintentionally Sends the Wrong Message

Constructed of 3500 parts, connected by 4,900 bolts and standing 112 feet in the air, this sculpture commissioned by Land Rover is certainly an idolatrous addition to the Festival of Speed. But, uhh, does anyone else see the piece as less a triumph and more an indicator of our inevitable future-one where SUVs are good… » 7/21/08 8:24am 7/21/08 8:24am

Trailcart: World's First Pedal-Powered 4WD Off-Road Vehicle

It seems like something that would have been invented before, and by red-blooded Americans for whom off-roading is a way of life, but the Trailcart, according to TreeHugger, is the world's "first pedal-powered four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle," and it was invented by a clever German fellow named Frank Fraune. » 6/02/08 10:20am 6/02/08 10:20am

Land Rover LRX Concept Heavily Embeds iPhone, Uses It To Start Car

We normally don't get super excited about concept cars, but this Land Rover LRX Concept has something we're quite interested in: iPhone integration. Not only does it have a slot carved out especially for the phone that allows it to dock into the car like some sort of brushed-metal lover, it's even got a gigantic… » 12/14/07 1:24pm 12/14/07 1:24pm