Watch the massive C-5 Galaxy landing from the undercarriage

A 9/11 Plane Part Has Been Found in New York City

The NYPD is saying that a 5-foot long airplane part of a 9/11 plane has been found in an alley near the World Trade Center. The landing gear part, which came from one of the airplanes that crashed into the Twin Towers, was found three blocks from Ground Zero. It's incredible given that it's been more than 11 years… » 4/26/13 7:20pm 4/26/13 7:20pm

A380 Landing Gear Explosion Filmed by Terrified Passengers

The largest passenger plane in the world almost had a fatal accident yesterday: Two wheels of the left landing gear exploded during touchdown at Sydney's airport. A passenger filmed the terrifyingly fiery action from the airplane camera and the window. » 4/01/10 9:23am 4/01/10 9:23am