The Newest Weapon in the Fight Against Land Mines Could Be...Plants

Land mines are not only explosive but also poisonous, leaking toxins into the soil that make plants sick. That's unfortunate for the plants but fortunate for us—if we can figure out how to look for sick plants as harbingers of land mines. Airplanes equipped with a low-cost sensor that captures non-visible light might… »8/15/14 5:44pm8/15/14 5:44pm


America's Omnidirectional Landmines Are (Somehow) Totally Legal

15,000 to 20,000 people—predominantly women, children, and the elderly—die from landmines every year. These explosive man-traps have been used in every major military conflict since 1938 and some 110 million mines are still spread over 78 countries worldwide. What's more, they remain functional decades after a… »9/06/13 12:43pm9/06/13 12:43pm