Cortana Can Be Your Own Personal Translator in Windows 10

One of Cortana’s capabilities that you might not noticed yet is the quick translation feature. Microsoft’s engineers recently upgraded this part of Cortana’s functionality, so you can now get multilingual help with words, phrases and sentences, assuming Cortana is supported in your part of the world (U.S. English and… »11/06/15 10:55am11/06/15 10:55am


The Most Common Languages Spoken in the U.S. After English and Spanish

What's the language that the most Americans speak after English? As you'd probably guess, the second-most common language spoken in the U.S. is Spanish. But if you look at the most common languages after English and Spanish, the results get a little more surprising, especially when you parse them by state. »5/13/14 2:40pm5/13/14 2:40pm

BASIC, the 50-Year-Old Computer Programming Language for Regular People

Computer coding ability has gotten especially hip recently. People who can't code revere it as 21st century sorcery, while those who do it professionally are often driven to fits by it. And it was 50 years ago today, two Dartmouth professors debuted a coding language designed to be easy enough for anyone to use. The… »5/01/14 2:20pm5/01/14 2:20pm

Here are some more impressions of foreign languages that sound so real

She's good. After nailing her first edition of doing impressions on foreign languages, Smoukahontas is back for the sequel and it's just as impressive. It's so fun to see her make up very believable words and get animated depending on which foreign language she's doing. Her impressions are pretty much spot on to… »3/11/14 12:31am3/11/14 12:31am

What foreign languages sound like to people who don't speak them

Scandinavians are great with languages, but Finn-Swede smoccahontas isn't speaking any foreign tongue in this video, even while it sounds like it. She's just making up most of the words and make it sound like she speaks them perfectly. Having travelled through almost all of these countries, I've to admit that she… »3/04/14 7:13pm3/04/14 7:13pm

That Coke Super Bowl Ad Would Have Been Illegal in 1910s Iowa

Idiots, racists, and old-fashioned xenophobes took to social media this past weekend to express their disgust with Coca-Cola. The international beverage company had the audacity to run an ad during the Super Bowl that featured people singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages. This, of course, was… »2/04/14 5:38pm2/04/14 5:38pm

The Longest Words in Different Languages Are So Fun to Say

Though we know the real longest word in English takes three and a half hours to pronounce, more reasonable ones can be done in less than five million breaths. Like these ones! This video lets you hear the longest word in different languages like Czech, Danish, Slovenian, Dutch, etc. and boy some of them are a doozy.… »8/06/13 11:00pm8/06/13 11:00pm

AT&T Wants to Automatically Translate Your Texts From English to Spanish

AT&T is working on a service that will automatically translate text messages from Spanish to English and vice versa, no additional software required. So next time you want to shoot a text to a friend who doesn't speak English all that well, you don't have to worry about anything getting lost in the language barrier. »9/26/12 6:40pm9/26/12 6:40pm

Tower of Babel Translator For Picking Up Hot Foreign Girls

Why limit yourself to knowing only one language when you pretend to know many more? That's what a bunch of U.S. scientists figured when they set about to create a "Tower Of Babel" translator. A series of electrodes connect to the user's neck and face to detect movements that are made when users mouth words. That is,… »10/26/06 10:38am10/26/06 10:38am