Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Flashlight New Again

Whether you're mining for gold deep in the heart of Alaska, or trying to find your way downstairs to replace a blown fuse, this retro-styled lantern from Barebones will light the way without needing a single drop of kerosene. Because instead of a flame, it uses a three Cree LED bulbs powered by a rechargeable battery. »1/30/15 5:00pm1/30/15 5:00pm


A Clampable Lantern That Stays Perched Wherever You Need Light

A headlamp is the ultimate hands-free flashlight when you're going toe-to-toe with mother nature, but you don't necessarily want to wear one 24/7. For those times when you're hanging out at a campsite, or getting ready for bed in your tent, Blackfire's Clamplight Lantern also seems like a great alternative to trying… »3/25/14 5:40pm3/25/14 5:40pm

Robotic Garden Lamps Can Follow Your Guests Around the Party

Backyard lighting is as much about decoration as it is about safety, allowing you to enjoy your artificial oasis at night without the risk of accidentally stepping on a hidden rake. But why run lights to every corner of your yard when you can just mount a decorative Japanese lantern to a quadruped and simply have it… »2/27/14 5:20pm2/27/14 5:20pm

Spring Snakes Were Probably the Inspiration For This Pop-Up Lantern

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the classic spring snake can gag is probably where the idea for this collapsible LED lantern was born. Using a fabric diffuser and a metal spring inside, it transforms from a flashlight to a hanging glowing lantern in less than a second. And let's be honest, there's probably a… »2/21/13 3:20pm2/21/13 3:20pm