Phantom Lapboard Shipping By The End of The Year, Promise!

Remember the Phantom Lapboard » 11/05/08 11:30pm 11/05/08 11:30pm? Yeah, it's been so long that we've heard any news of it (despite them ), that most people have plumb purged it from their memory. According to Phantom Entertainment's recently updated blog though, the lapboard still exists and it's coming by the end of the year – for real this time! The…

The Phantom Lapboard Is Finally Out

We weren't sure that this day would ever come. Even when we spoke with John Landino (Phantom Development Consultant) at CES, he wasn't sure the day would ever come. Today, I got an email from him. » 6/23/08 11:43am 6/23/08 11:43am

Phantom Lapboard Reviewed (Verdict: Holy Bees They've Shipped It And…

Will Smith over at Maximum PC just reviewed the Phantom Lapboard—that keyboard from the Phantom console guys which we first held for ourselves back at E3 2004. Surprise! They think the keyboard "rocks". Their official position is that the pivoting scheme is comfortable and works great for righties and lefties. The… » 4/25/08 5:30pm 4/25/08 5:30pm

Supplies! Phantom Lapboard Delayed 'Til 2007

Just when Phantom's managed to get a modicum of credibility back into their corner with the recent Lapboard news (even though the concept for the keyboard was all but firmed up even back in 2004), they go and blow it all like Charlie Sheen on $450 hookers. Yes, Phantom's just announced that they've found some suckers… » 11/08/06 6:00pm 11/08/06 6:00pm

Phantom Lapboard Gets a Price And a Date: $129 in November

The Phantom Lapboard, the keyboard and mouse combination left over from the doomed Phantom console, finally has a price and a ship date. It's going to be $129.95 in November, but if you order now you can get $30 off. » 10/05/06 6:35pm 10/05/06 6:35pm

Infinium Finds Lapboard Manufacturer, Still Not Dead

Infinium announced that it's signed Itron Technology to manufacture its upcoming Lapboard peripheral. In case you forgot, the lapboard is basically just a keyboard and mouse combination that's usable on the couch. Nothing revolutionary, but if Infinium is going to keep up the ruse that they're a big boy company, they… » 4/20/06 10:19am 4/20/06 10:19am