Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 Review

Logitech's basic comfort lapdesk is pretty great product, but I know what you've been thinking: "Why doesn't this thing have speakers and a fan inside??" Behold, the USB-powered Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. » 1/14/10 12:40pm 1/14/10 12:40pm

Lightning Review: Logitech Comfort Lapdesk

The Gadget: Logitech's Comfort Lapdesk—a stylish, cushioned platform that keeps you from burning away your fertility while using a laptop on the couch. » 2/10/09 6:00pm 2/10/09 6:00pm

The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk Is Very Shiny and Very White

Lots of companies make shiny, white products, but Logitech's topped 'em all with their new lapdesk. At the right angle, I think this thing could blind the sun. » 12/08/08 8:38am 12/08/08 8:38am