The AirMail: That Manila MacBook Air Case is Real At Last

From demo-ware to humor-ware to hardware in a couple of days, the fabled Manila case for the MacBook Air is now for real. Dubbed AirMail, handmade in vinyl and fleece-lined to protect your precious laptop, it even comes with that cutesy red tie at no extra cost. Of course, you could argue that designers Jona Bechtolt… »1/17/08 5:20am1/17/08 5:20am

Power to the Pizza: Carry Your Laptop in a Pizza Box

Disguise your laptop as a pizza with the Power Pizza laptop case, a padded carrier for your fragile devices that looks exactly like a pizza box. It looks so much like a pizza box that, by golly, we think that's exactly what it is. Confidently carry it inside anywhere there's a sign reading "no food," and then smugly… »12/20/06 11:27am12/20/06 11:27am