The Napbook: A Laptop Case That is Soft Enough to Sleep On

Like the Pillow Book » 9/03/08 6:30pm 9/03/08 6:30pm before it, the Napbook is designed to make catching a quick nap in a public place more comfortable—but the benefits don't stop there. By lying on it, you run less of a risk that your laptop will be stolen while you sleep. Plus, the extra padding helps to keep your laptop safe from damage.…

Iconic My Document Laptop Sleeve Now Purchasable

The My Document » 9/03/08 3:50pm 9/03/08 3:50pm ntoebook folder folder we posted back in May has finally made its way to the US by way of Thinkgeek. Always an expert at setting up shipping agreements with overseas manufacturers, Thinkgeek now offers this for $29.99 + shipping, which is much easier than arranging an import from Taiwan yourself. It…

The AirMail: That Manila MacBook Air Case is Real At Last

From demo-ware to humor-ware to hardware in a couple of days, the fabled Manila case for the MacBook Air is now for real. Dubbed AirMail, handmade in vinyl and fleece-lined to protect your precious laptop, it even comes with that cutesy red tie at no extra cost. Of course, you could argue that designers Jona Bechtolt… » 1/17/08 5:20am 1/17/08 5:20am

Power to the Pizza: Carry Your Laptop in a Pizza Box

Disguise your laptop as a pizza with the Power Pizza laptop case, a padded carrier for your fragile devices that looks exactly like a pizza box. It looks so much like a pizza box that, by golly, we think that's exactly what it is. Confidently carry it inside anywhere there's a sign reading "no food," and then smugly… » 12/20/06 11:27am 12/20/06 11:27am