Your Metal Laptop Deserves a Throne of Concrete

Aside from the inalienable fact that having things made of concrete on your desk is badass, there are countless reasons to love Greg Papove's Foundation laptop stand made from processed rock. Maybe it's that its inspiration comes from the concrete foundations of a house. Or that there are secret pockets to stash a… » 8/31/12 1:00pm 8/31/12 1:00pm

Turn Any Armchair Into a High-Flyin' Desk With a Laptop Stand

Say you've got no room for a desk in your apartment, but you have a kickass comfy armchair. This laptop stand will act as a nice substitute, all while ensuring your posture isn't ruined by slumped laptop use. [Archi Portale via Born Rich] » 7/06/11 2:00pm 7/06/11 2:00pm

Standivarius Aero Laptop Stand Is Light Enough For The Wimpiest Traveler

The Standivarius Aero weighs a light 135 grams and takes about two seconds to set up. That means that there's no excuse to not slip the slender laptop stand into your travel bag and have a comfortable mobile office setup. » 7/23/10 1:17am 7/23/10 1:17am

Laptop Tripod Stand—Because Why Should Cameras Get All The Fun?

I can visualize several uses for this laptop tripod stand from Thanko: bedside movie watching; displaying online sheet music for trombonists; PC/camera tethering. Or, my ideal usage—watching Entourage episodes while in the bathtub. » 5/04/10 3:27am 5/04/10 3:27am

Watching Movies While You Drive Just Got Easier

This clever homemade contraption turns your car's cupholder into a laptop stand, letting you do work or watch movies while you speed down the highway. Because hey, that's what cruise control is for. [Mike Davis via Make] » 7/14/09 1:40pm 7/14/09 1:40pm

Nottable Laptop Stand Can Do It In Any Position

If you fantasize about a laptop stand that is flexible enough to get into any position, you might be interested in the Nottable from designer Nelson Motta. » 5/19/09 10:20am 5/19/09 10:20am

M1-Pro Turns MacBook Pro into Stubby, Mechanical Beast

The M1-Pro is magnificent in its own right—a laptop stand carved out of a block of aluminum. But we like the M1-Pro anthropomorphizes the MacBook Pro into a strange, four-legged bug. » 3/02/09 6:40pm 3/02/09 6:40pm

Lightning Review: Kangaroom Bamboo Laptop Stand and Charging Station

The Gadget: Kangaroom's laptop stand and charging station, which offers a ventilated laptop stand as well as two phone/iPod holders so you can have a place to charge your gear without cluttering up your desk. It's even tilted, since many laptop users enjoy typing at an angle. » 7/01/08 10:00pm 7/01/08 10:00pm

Low Tech Giz Tips: Water Cooled Laptop Stand

Not all the tech we buy needs to be brand new and manufactured specifically to fit our needs. With a little ingenuity and cheapness, you can rig up common household objects to do the job just as well. Here's an example of such a thing, using a $6 hot water bottle as a laptop stand for your lap instead of buying… » 4/30/08 4:00pm 4/30/08 4:00pm

Pump-Up Laptop Cushion Keeps Burning Metal Away From Tender Flesh

The laptop stands we've used are great for keeping your supple thighs away from your burning laptop, but are usually fairly heavy and hard on your legs. This Airboard, however, has an inflatable base to gently sit on your lap, while at the same time providing ample distance so your leg hairs don't char. It's only a… » 4/29/08 2:50pm 4/29/08 2:50pm

Thanko's USB-Powered Laptop Fan Stand

Not only does this aluminum/steel laptop stand from Thanko look both solid and functional, it's got something Thanko's known for—USB Power. Inside the stand are two fans that blow room-temperature air into your hot laptop, which means you're keeping the laptop away from your tender gonads and helping your computer… » 9/11/07 4:00pm 9/11/07 4:00pm

DIY Laptop Stand For Your Car

For those of you who can't stand being separated from your notebook, this DIY car stand lets you take your lappie on the road. It's made of PVC pipes and keeps your laptop at an adjustable angle. I've seen a lot of people hunched over their laptops while double parked, so this seems like it'd come in handy for them,… » 12/18/06 4:24pm 12/18/06 4:24pm

Aviator Laptop Stand for Business Travelers

Keynamics says 92% of business travelers carry laptops onto the plane, so it's no wonder they decided to make a laptop stand designed specifically to fit in briefcases and fit perfectly on airplane tray tables. The Aviator weighs nine ounces, is easy to assemble, and for $19.99 it'll raises your laptop screen and… » 4/21/06 12:32pm 4/21/06 12:32pm