Wal-Mart Black Friday Update

In the beginning of the month we alerted you to Wal-Mart's super low-priced PCs and laptops to be flogged on Black Friday. Now we've been told that it gets even better. For $378 without any rebates, you can get your hands on an HP Pavilion ze2108wm laptop, installed with AMD Sempron processor with PowerNow!… » 11/23/05 11:17am 11/23/05 11:17am

MacWorld Coverage: Wednesday

We got there late, but we got there. Will Leitch, a special friend of Gizmodo, sends us a twisted missive from the heart of Mac Country. Will is not a techie. He's a journalistic pit-bull, a sports fan, and is coming to MacWorld with fresh eyes. He sees what we won't see. He'll bring back the blood, the glory, and the… » 7/13/05 5:12pm 7/13/05 5:12pm

Panasonic Color eBook

Move over B&W Sony Librie eBook, there's a new eBook in town. A color eBook. That's still a prototype. And may be available next year. But not here. Tough break, fans of eBooks. You better get yourself a pBook, which is a paper book. » 7/13/05 4:43pm 7/13/05 4:43pm

SKYN Tones Laptop Skins

I don't know what's up with all these laptop adhesive things, but it's kind of silly. I suppose it might be good if you want to keep your aluminum Powerbook nice and clean, but why would you need one for a generic plastic beast? » 7/13/05 12:42pm 7/13/05 12:42pm

Infill T3: Big Time Car PC

It's big and it's brawny and it wants to live in your car. No, it's not your mother—it's the INFILLL T3, a double-tall car in-dash car PC with a 1.6GHz CPU, a 40GB hard drive, GPS, and a lot more (although maybe not Wi-Fi, which seems miraculously shortsighted). Price and availability is still up in the air, but it… » 7/11/05 10:22am 7/11/05 10:22am

Schtickers LapSchticks

What makes the LapSchticks Schtickers more appropriate for laptop decoration than other stickers? Not much—except the $20 stickers can be easily applied and removed, allowing you to swap out and customize your laptop as the spirit moves you. The designs aren't amazing, but they aren't terribly gaudy, either. This 'DJ… » 7/11/05 10:11am 7/11/05 10:11am

IBM Launches Dual-Core PowerPC 970 Chip

With all this Intel stuff, I'm surprised IBM is still even TALKING to Apple, but whatever. That boy is just asking to get his heart broke. Apple is like SO over IBM and he comes out with some crazy dual core G5 like nothing ever happened and we all know something happened namely Intel was totally almost doing Apple at… » 7/08/05 5:01pm 7/08/05 5:01pm

Antec Sonata II Reviewed (Verdict: Once You Go Black...)

We normally steer clear of commodity PC parts (except video cards, because, well, those make everyone happy), but I've had an Antec Sonata case for the better part of a year and am a big fan. It's quiet, it's nice looking without being fruity, and it wasn't expensive as these things go. Now Antec has the second… » 7/07/05 12:49pm 7/07/05 12:49pm

Motion Computing LS800 Mini Tablet PC

Some of you are going to be very happy about Motion Computing's new LS800 Windows Tablet PC. It's small, for starters—just a 8.4-inch screen. And it's reasonably powerful, with a 1.2GHz Pentium M (certainly strong enough to get any business computing done). But by being so tiny, it might not serve as the… » 7/07/05 10:59am 7/07/05 10:59am

Friction Free Lube

Those dirty Japanese have discovered an almost friction-free lube. Before you get all worked up about the future possibilities in the realm of hentai tentacle porn, it's actually designed for fans and other machinery. The lubricant is made of an array of fullerene molecules between thin films of granite graphite [Blame… » 7/06/05 4:50pm 7/06/05 4:50pm

iPod Mini Everywhere

This interesting piece of patent marginalia shows a potential iPod Mini stuck inside a potential PowerBook. This is actually probably just Apple's way of covering its arse when someone comes out with a similar notion of an MP3 player built into a laptop, something about prior art or whatever, but the premise is… » 6/30/05 3:40pm 6/30/05 3:40pm

SilverStone LC18

Case designs have been leaning towards the "pimp-my-mobo" side of things recently and this is no exception. THe SilverStone LC18 has an external LCD monitor on the case and looks like the bastard spawn of a MacMini and ThermalTake death-beast. Featured at this year's C3, the LC18 is an interesting mix of elegance and… » 6/30/05 11:01am 6/30/05 11:01am

Adventures in the Sysadmin Trade

John here. Got back from the NOC last night—the NOC is in DC and I'm in New York, so it was kind of like visiting the reclusive Uncle rather than a fun road trip—and I rebuilt MOST of the system. Now I need to get my MySQL DBs back out of an image of the disk that failed. I ran mke2fs -S on it, ran fsck, but now I… » 6/30/05 9:59am 6/30/05 9:59am

Motion LE1600TC Tablet

Finally. Motion has rethought its previous trade dress—let's make it look as chintzy as possible and easily breakable—and gotten with the program. Although case color doesn't mean things are going to be better at old Motion, we do hope they've learned a bit over the umpteen years they've held onto the same gimpy… » 6/23/05 2:13pm 6/23/05 2:13pm

Nvidia Geforce 7800GTX Review Round-Up (Verdict: The Bestest Yet)

The NDA wraps come off Nvidia's super-hot new 7800-series graphics cards today. The short take is this: it's really, really fast—so fast, in fact, that most modern games aren't going to take advantage of the power a single card offers, let alone two cards in an SLI configuration. The first cards will show up on the… » 6/22/05 11:12am 6/22/05 11:12am

Toshiba Looks Back, Forward, Gets Dizzy, Sits Down

Toshiba held a bit of event in Australia and talked about their coming line-up including the Hershey's-Kiss-sized Libretto U10 and the Qosmio U20. They also talked about their sales numbers: 11K sold in 1985, 7 million in 2005. You've come a long way, baby! » 6/21/05 10:34am 6/21/05 10:34am