Larry Page Reminded Us Why We Love Google Today

Larry Page, Google's CEO and co-founder, closed out the Google I/O keynote today with a sentimental, almost subdued speech. He didn't sound like a CEO. He sounded like a guy in charge of a company he genuinely thought could change the world. And it was a wonderful reminder that Google used to be, can be, and in many… » 5/15/13 6:03pm 5/15/13 6:03pm

Early Google Video From '99 Shows They Do Mundane Office Birthday Celebrations Too

Way back in December of 1999, Google was able to fit all its employees into one room for their weekly "TGIF" meetings, hosted by Page and Brin. Watch as employees clad in jumpers that'll make our own Sam Biddle weak at the knees celebrate an office birthday, and get out the silly string. » 4/27/11 4:40am 4/27/11 4:40am

Larry Takes Over Google Today: Here's What It Means For You

In a then surprising move, Eric Schmidt stepped away from his position as Google CEO in January to make room for co-founder Larry Page. Schmidt has moved into an Executive Chairman role, and Page takes the reigns today. So what does it mean for you? » 4/04/11 9:23am 4/04/11 9:23am

Schmidt laid out the new delegation of responsibilities at the time… » 4/04/11 9:23am 4/04/11 9:23am