Lab Rat: HairMax Laser Comb Final Results

Okay, so technically it's been over a month (6 weeks plus a few days) since I started using the HairMax laser comb. I started back on March 23rd and did my final sweep this past Wed. The results? Well, as you can see there are none. My hair has grown, yes, but only from the sides and that's because I haven't had a… » 5/04/07 11:30am 5/04/07 11:30am

Lab Rat: HairMax Laser Comb Week 4—Scalp Looks the Same

Okay, so it's been four full weeks since I started using the HairMax laser comb to, uh, buff up my hair. Since the last video, I haven't noticed any difference, but next week is the big week. Week 5-6 is when the manual says I will notice a difference. I'll let you guys be the judge of that when we post our video next … » 4/13/07 4:42pm 4/13/07 4:42pm

Lab Rat: HairMax Laser Comb Week 2—Still No Hair

So it's been two week since I started using the HairMax laser comb to regrow rejuvenate my once luscious locks of hair and so far, well, as you can see—nothing. The company recommends using it 3x a week for 10-15 minutes. I've been using it 4x a week (I'm in a rush) usually at the end of my day for about 12… » 3/30/07 3:49pm 3/30/07 3:49pm

Lab Rat: Heads On with the Laser Comb

Here at Giz we test a lot of gadgets, but it's not often we get to test them out on ourselves. Enter the HairMax laser comb. Thanks to my dad's mom's genes and my soon-to-be-bald noggin', I'm the perfect guy to test it. So, what was it like? Well, it didn't burn, smoke, or sear my scalp (it's » 3/23/07 5:47pm 3/23/07 5:47pm

Hands On with the HairMax Laser Comb

Click to view They say balding guys will do anything to keep the hair on their head from falling, but does anything include throwing $400 down on a laser comb? Albeit, an FDA-approved laser comb? Cause that's the starting price for the HairMax Laser Comb, which claims to stimulate and maintain your mane before it… » 3/15/07 1:57pm 3/15/07 1:57pm