Laser-Etched Powerbook Ensures Hands Never Leave the Keyboard, Ever

Instructables user noahw used an Epilog etcher to lase an imprint of his hands and forearms, eternally vigilant in home row position, onto the top case of his PowerBook G4. Noah says that typing on top of his own hands is "a little freaky" (as is the brownish mildewy patina on the etched keys, ahem) but if you are… »11/17/08 1:20pm11/17/08 1:20pm

Simpsons-Engraved iPods Are Great If You Don't Have Your Own Laser Etcher

Unlike certain other Fox properties, seeing the Simpsons continue to be milked for merchandising doesn't fill me with quite so much rage, so these officially engraved iPods are cool for hardcore fans. But for the $80 premium over standard price for an iPod classic, I'm more inclined to take the one I already have to … »7/22/08 3:20pm7/22/08 3:20pm

Zing Laser Brings Laser Cutting Goodness to the Average Guy

Fans of laser engraving can now prettify all their stuff with Epilog Laser's new Zing Laser, a machine that's roughly about the size of a bulky office scanner. The Zing Laser, one of the first fully functional low-cost laser etchers on the market, has 25 watts of cutting power and can engrave designs into wood,… »7/12/08 11:00am7/12/08 11:00am