Senate to Defense Contractors: More Insane Laser Weapons, Please

In the 2009 defense authorization bill approved last week, the US Senate called for the defense industry to get serious about bringing laser weapons like Boeing's Advanced Tactical Laser » 9/22/08 10:00am 9/22/08 10:00am system (pictured) to the battlefield. The bill allocated more funds to laser programs large and small-from green lasers used to…

Star Wars Laser Weapon Battles Arrive in 2016—at the Earliest

Boeing is firing off laser weapon press releases and news at almost the speed of light these days. In June we brought you word that the company had successfully test fired its thin-disk laser » 8/24/08 7:00pm 8/24/08 7:00pm, the most powerful solid-state laser ever made at 25 kilowatts (100 kilowatt theoretical maximum). This week, Boeing took the…

Ray Guns on the Battlefield? Not Too Far Off

Don't be strapping on that holster for your ray gun just yet, but a couple of weapons mongers are making solid progress toward weapons-grade lasers. Raytheon's Laser Area Defense System (LADS) can take down a 60mm mortar, acting all like Star Wars and everything. But wait, those zapped mortars weren't flying through… » 1/17/07 8:55am 1/17/07 8:55am