Protect Your Home Like a Top Secret Government Facility With a Sweeping Laser Security System

A home alarm system will automatically call the police in the event of a break-in, but by the time officers arrive, the intruders may have already taken your valuables. So this laser security system serves as an additional visual deterrent that your home is as protected as the most secure government facility. » 7/28/12 9:00am 7/28/12 9:00am

LaserScan Sort of Long-Range Hidden-Camera Detector

Billed as a "long range" hidden-camera detector, its spotting powers only work within 50 feet. It's loaded with two pulsating lasers that scan for Big Brother eyes, which show up as flashing red lights in the scope. Supposedly it can ferret out pinhole cameras and ones stuffed inside of pens or buttons, making it… » 11/14/07 8:20pm 11/14/07 8:20pm