First Technical Review of Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TV: Technically Awesome

Reviews of Mitsubishi's $7000 laser-lit stunner have been rolling in »10/23/08 4:15pm10/23/08 4:15pm for , but HD Guru (who helped us ) has the first —after watching it —of the best use of lasers in your living room yet. Not only does it have the most eye-popping colors, detailed blacks and pupil-squeezing brightness of any set he's tested, it uses…

Mitsubishi LaserVue vs. Pioneer Kuro Plasma: The High-End Throwdown

The dudes over at The Tech Lounge sat down for a real-world—not canned—comparison of Mitsubishi's cutting-edge, 65-inch LaserVue HDTV with the current reigning champ, Pioneer's 60-inch Kuro plasma set. Does Mitsubishi's fancy new tech really make for a better high-def experience? The tests show, at the very least,… »10/18/08 1:45pm10/18/08 1:45pm

Mitsubishi's $7000, 65-Inch LaserVue HDTV Reviewed: (Verdict: Lasers Are Awesome)

With a history of giving great impressions reaching back »10/10/08 5:00am10/10/08 5:00am to CES, expectations for Mitsubishi's 65in LaserVue TV are high. It's the first laser-powered TV, with completely new rear-projection technology that makes for richer, more accurate colors and significantly lower power consumption. Josh Quittner of Time Magazine…

Mitsubishi 65-inch LaserVue Rear Projection 1080p TV Priced (Expensively)

Last we left Mitsubishi's LaserVue 1080p rear-projection monster, we had size and shape »9/07/08 1:00pm9/07/08 1:00pm, but price was a mystery. The mystery was solved today, as BitStream discovered the massive HDTV will set you back $7,000 when it ships later this month. There's still no pricing info for the 73-inch LaserVue, which was also…

Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TV Will Be 65 and 73-Inches and Ship in Q3

Details on Mistubishi's LaserVue, the rear-projection 1080p televison that uses frickin' laser beams to display exceptionally rich color, are pouring out. The TV set will come in 65" and 73" varities when it ships in Q3 this year. It's 10" deep, thin by historical standards, but still somewhat thick for today's… »6/25/08 8:57am6/25/08 8:57am

Mitsubishi Kuro-Killer LaserVue TV Arriving Late Summer (New Best TV Ever?)

Mitsubishi's Laser TV stunned us back at CES (though the booze-filled nightclub filled with half-naked dancing girls might have skewed our, um, vision). Apparently, it's gotten even better, like better than the best TV on earth better. HD Guru says that the LaserVue set popped colors that were "the most vivid of any… »4/07/08 12:50pm4/07/08 12:50pm