Pick Up Great Unlockable Deals by Checking Into Places on Google Latitude

"Foursquare who?" asks Google, as they roll out 60 check-in offers in Austin, Texas, to coincide with the SXSW nerdfest. All users have to do is check into the business, say a cafe, and see if they're offering any special deals. Over time, you will be awarded special status, as either a "Regular," "VIP" or "Guru,"… » 3/11/11 12:37pm 3/11/11 12:37pm

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR Is the Mil Spec Multitouch Tablet for Judge Dredd Wannabes

The Latitude XT2 XFR is a ruggedized version of Dell's XT2 tablet built to MIL-810G standards for taking an ass-beating: It's got an impact resistant, sunlight-viewable 12-inch multitouch LED-backlit display, compression sealed orifices, and works in temperatures from 10-140 degrees. » 10/27/09 3:06pm 10/27/09 3:06pm