Dell Latitude XT Tablet to Get Multi-Touch Tomorrow

Dell's Latitude XT tablets will receive their long-awaited multi-touch firmware update Tuesday, adding multi-touch to web browsers, MS Office, Google Earth, photo viewers, and more to zoom, scroll and pinch just like you-know-who. There's also a boss-is-coming shortcut-double-tap the screen and it goes dark instantly,… » 7/14/08 4:36pm 7/14/08 4:36pm

Dell Gets All Defensive About Latitude XT Tablet Pricing

While we sorta groaned at the Latitude XT's $2500 base-model pricetag along with everybody else (cause it's expensive!) we didn't piss and moan too much because we knew that the DuoSense technology making it the only input device on the market that combines a pressure-sensitive pen with multitouch into a single… » 12/18/07 5:40pm 12/18/07 5:40pm

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Gets Official At Under 4 Pounds With Capacitive Touch

Dell's Latitude XT 12.1-inch convertible Tablet PC is finally official, and it's being paraded as the world's "only sub-four-pound 12.1-inch convertible tablet" with capacitive touch capability—meaning it'll sense your finger (sorry, only one) without any pressure at all. Also on the touchy-feely side, it's got palm… » 12/11/07 9:15am 12/11/07 9:15am

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Coming December 11

There aren't many Tablet PC fans around, but Dell's upcoming Latitude XT Tablet PC may just bring some more people into the club. We got a tip from reader William that the tablet is going to be launching December 11, a fact he got from some covert ops and a half hour of flirting. The specs are after the jump. Good job… » 12/06/07 12:59pm 12/06/07 12:59pm

Dell's New Latitude XT Tablet to Have Multi-Touch Technology

Just in case you missed it, at Oracle OpenWorld 2007, Dell demonstrated the multi-touch capability of their new Latitude XT tablet PC. Users will be able to use multiple fingers to draw lines or manage several images simultaneously. Kevin Kettler, Dell's chief technology officer, noted that "it's going to be a great… » 11/16/07 5:45pm 11/16/07 5:45pm

More Dell Latitude XT Tablet Details Squirt Out

The wishy-washy specs on Dell's first tablet PC, the Latitude XT, have been firmed up, according to a French site. Its brain is a 1.2GHz ultra low-voltage Core 2 Duo with ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 integrated graphics, and buyers can pack up to 3GB of RAM into two slots. You can also pick between CCFL or LED backlighting… » 10/11/07 8:00pm 10/11/07 8:00pm

Some Dell Latitude XT Tablet Details Poot Out

Dell is totally latching on to what is sure to be the wave of the future with their new project: a tablet. Yep, the Wang ComputersDell Latitude XT tablet looks to really grab the exploding tablet market by the horns, featuring the sorts of specs that'll make tablets as popular as UMPCs, if not more popular than UMPCs.… » 8/03/07 3:13pm 8/03/07 3:13pm