Cute love story animated completely with latte art

Latte art is great for making you feel a little bit special in the beginning of the day and absolutely necessary for any hashtag coffee Instagram post but it turns out, latte art also makes for a cute way to tell a stop motion animation love story too. Follow along this spot that uses 1,000 cups of latte to show love. » 12/27/14 12:58am 12/27/14 12:58am

Gizmodo's Own Cappuccino, Gizuccino

Here's a little Gizmodo treat from the guys at OnLatte. That's right, we've got our own personalized cappuccino. We wish we could tell you how amazing the Gizmodo cappuccino tastes, but OnLatte wouldn't allow us to gulp it down because they wanted to show it off. So if you're at SIGGRAPH today stop by their booth and… » 8/12/08 5:00pm 8/12/08 5:00pm