Lava Lamp Shot Glasses Blink with LEDs, Turn You Into a Vampire

Missing from our weekend alcohol guide but not from Addy's bar, these $9-per-unit Lava Lamp Shot Glasses—which use multiple LED flashes to illuminate your favorite spirit until you empty them—promise never-ending enjoyment, quick drunkenness, and, according to the product shot, will turn you into a vampire. Which… » 4/28/08 8:20pm 4/28/08 8:20pm

Psychedelic iTube Speaker With Built-In Viagra Mode Gives You a Bigger…

Hokay: the iTube looks like it is the 21st-century version of the Lava Lamp. A 30-inch-tall iPod speaker with 360º speakers and special effects that react to your tunes, the iTube connects up to either an MP3 player or your stereo, and you can control the psychedelic levels of its LED lights and bubble blower via… » 1/28/08 6:08am 1/28/08 6:08am

Tiny Lava Light Cellphone Charm Blinks When You Have a Call

Most cellphone charms do nothing but sit there and be charming, but this one by Lava Lamp creator Mathmos actually serves a useful purpose: It blinks red (or blue, your choice) when you have a phone call coming in. Might be a good compromise between setting that phone on vibrate and possibly still irritating those… » 7/16/07 1:37pm 7/16/07 1:37pm

Lava Lamp Night Light Warms Up the Night

We've seen Lava Lamps in many incarnations, including tiny USB models and sparkly ones, too. But now here's one that lights your path through that purple acid haze, the Lava Lamp Night Light. It's perfectly suited for giving you some warm nightlight on this coldest night of the year. Available with your choice of red… » 1/17/07 9:09am 1/17/07 9:09am