How the Feds Bullied Snowden's Email Provider into Shutting Down

New details have emerged in the saga of Lavabit, the now offline secure email provider used by Edward Snowden. Apparently, the government tried (and failed) to strong arm the service into giving up its private SSL key, a major security concession that would've given Uncle Sam access to all user data. » 10/02/13 6:19pm 10/02/13 6:19pm

16 People Who Got Screwed When Snowden's Email Provider Shut Down

The unfortunate side effect of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's email provider Lavabit pulling the plug rather than complying with the feds is that a bunch of terribly unlucky Lavabit users are now left without an email account. It's not every day you expect your email service to go all harakiri on itself because… » 8/08/13 10:03pm 8/08/13 10:03pm

Edward Snowden's Email Provider Shut Down Rather Than Comply With Feds

Users of the extra secure and private email provider Lavabit are out of luck after the owner shut down the service on Thursday offering only a cryptic message as an explanation. Lavabit is the preferred email service provider of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, and yes, this matters. » 8/08/13 4:02pm 8/08/13 4:02pm