The Saga of NiceBooby.Net and NBC's Hilarious Shadow-URL Empire

Maybe one night, as you scuttled darkly across the fringes of the internet, you came across a site like Or Maybe even But when you clicked, you were met not with the lurid promises of the URL, but rather by the smiling faces of SNL cast members. Had you discovered a… » 3/14/14 11:02am 3/14/14 11:02am

Law & Order: SVU - Sleepy Victims Unit

This past week, I had to brave Long Island to meet my girlfriend's parents. Through tasty bagels and annoying accents, I found myself one night at someone's house watching one of my favorite shows, "Law & Order: SVU". The chick who put it on is obsessed with the show, so her sister made her this Christopher… » 1/03/06 4:38pm 1/03/06 4:38pm