Dixie Chopper Excalibur 3874: Smoke Your Neighbor in a Lawnmower Drag…

With words like "Chopper" and "Excalibur" in the title, you know that this lawnmower can haul some ass and cut some grass. In fact, the manufacturer is touting it as the world's fastest lawnmower with a top speed of 15 mph on 38 hp. It may not seem all that fast, but you could tear up your yard and be inside getting… » 4/18/08 6:30pm 4/18/08 6:30pm

Husqvarna's Autonomous Solar Powered Lawnmower: Never Mow Again

That neighbor of yours thinks he is so badass with his top-of-the-line riding mower. With the Husqvarna's new autonomous lawn mower, you can sip a beer on your porch and tell your neighbor to suck it while he toils away on his yard. And the best part is that the mower is a solar/electric hybrid—so it will mow your… » 3/07/08 3:00am 3/07/08 3:00am

Cyber-Rain XCI Waters Your Lawn When The Internet Commands It

I love green technology, especially when it doesn't involve me lifting so much as a finger. With the Cyber-Rain XCI, you can take control of your sprinkler system across eight zones and help conserve water and a little cash at the same time. Via a wireless connection with your PC, the Cyber-Rain can make adjustments… » 11/08/07 7:40pm 11/08/07 7:40pm

F1 Inspired Lawnmower: Yardwork Just Got a Lot Sexier

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could bust out of your garage sporting one of these F1 concept lawnmowers from Kadeg Boucher of France? You would surely be the new king of the cul-de-sac. The mower features a steering wheel with an LCD display, an F1-style front wing, full racing suspension, rear view mirrors and a… » 11/08/07 5:45pm 11/08/07 5:45pm

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower Makes Chores Easier

Lawn mowing, the bane of teenage boys' existence everywhere, just got a whole lot easier. Husqvarna's Auto Mower is the robot lawnmower we all dreamed about while pushing that POS John Deere around as kids, and now it's here. Although, with the price hitting the thousands of dollars mark, it's probably cheaper to just… » 9/13/07 5:00pm 9/13/07 5:00pm