Robot Lawn Mower Can Lacerate, Probably Eat Humans

LawnBott, the $2,750 robot which announced itself as your loyal automated lawn mower—capable of cutting 33,000 square feet of grass in a single charge—has revealed its true face: it wants to cut humans to pieces. Actually, just stupid humans, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Kyodo America have… » 4/26/08 6:30am 4/26/08 6:30am

LawnBott Remote-Controlled Mower for Lazy Gardeners

The LawnBott may look like Arnold Schwarznegger's cycling helmet, but it's actually a cordless, remote-controlled lawnmower with a flat blade that mulches the grass as it cuts it. Charge it up on its docking station and it will go for 4 hours—or 33,000 square feet—on one single charge. It's apparently so quiet that… » 5/04/07 7:06am 5/04/07 7:06am