U.S. Soldiers In Iraq Were Fed Ice From Unsanitized Morgue Containers

U.S. soldiers have been on the receiving end of some pretty gruesome news over the past few days. As part of a Justice Department suit against military contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root, it's been revealed that soldiers serving in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 consumed ice from unsanitized containers that also served as… » 1/31/14 4:20pm 1/31/14 4:20pm

Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying Is Probably Unconstitutional

A federal judge just ruled the NSA's widespread collection of phone records is most likely unconstitutional and gave the go ahead for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. And pending appeal, the judge said that the data collection should be halted. Of course, until that appeal goes through, the NSA will continue spying. » 12/16/13 1:34pm 12/16/13 1:34pm

Former NASA Engineer Turned Super Soaker Inventor Just Got Very Rich

Lonnie Johnson's having a good week. The former NASA engineer just won $73 million in a royalties dispute with the toymaker Hasbro for inventing the Super Soaker, the coolest toy you ever had growing up. The lawsuit also covered royalties for Nerf which Johnson also masterminded because he is awesome. » 11/07/13 11:01am 11/07/13 11:01am

Google Has To Teach America How to Use Passwords as Part of Its…

Remember a few years ago when Google got itself in that whole little Street-View-cars-collecting-personal-Wi-Fi-network-data debacle? Well, it looks like the case is finally being settled, and it's not just the people who had their privacy stripped before their very eyes that are benefitting—everyone gets a piece of… » 3/13/13 1:24pm 3/13/13 1:24pm

The Pirate Bay Is Suing an Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement

You read that right. The Pirate Bay is the one doing the suing over copyright infringement this time. Even more hilariously, The Pirate Bay says it will sue CIAPC, an anti-piracy group, for copyright infringement. The Pirate Bay is completely serious! It has already asked the policy to investigate its claim that CIAPC… » 2/18/13 9:00pm 2/18/13 9:00pm

Apple's iPhone Found to Violate Three Patents in US Court

Word just came down that Apple's iPhone has been found to infringe on three patents held by MobileMedia, according to Bloomberg. It's not clear which patents are in question, but in 2010, MobileMedia, a company owned by Sony, Nokia, and a company that licenses MPEG patents, took Apple to court over 18 patents dealing… » 12/13/12 11:21am 12/13/12 11:21am

A Lawsuit Wants to Keep Your Humiliating Mugshots Off the Internet

Some potential good news for delinquents, hooligans, and convicted felons alike: your mugshots may no longer have to haunt you 'til the End of Days. A suit representing over 250,000 previously-arrested Ohioans is attempting to take down the Internet's abundance of privately-owned mugshot publication websites. And they… » 12/12/12 3:20pm 12/12/12 3:20pm

Samsung: We're Not Backing Down from Apple Litigation

If your heart grew two sizes when Apple and HTC decided to settle their patent disputes with money instead of lawyers (or guns?), prepare for shrinkage. When asked if Samsung would follow suit—or lack thereof—its mobile head, J.K. Shin, gave an emphatic no. To the jousting field! » 11/14/12 9:03am 11/14/12 9:03am

You're About to Get Some Money Back on Your Kindle Books

Book publishers and the Department of Justice reached a settlement regarding that whole eBook-price fixing scheme last month, and now the savings are being passed on to you. If you bought one of the affected, overpriced Kindle books between April 2010 and May 2012, you're about to get some money back. » 10/13/12 1:00pm 10/13/12 1:00pm