Astone Sit N Joy Inflatable Massage Chair Does What It Says

How do I love thee, Astone Sit N Joy inflatable massage chair? Let me count the ways. Cup holder. Dock for iPod. Remote control. Works on the beach, grass, home, prison (probably). Great name (ass-tone, heh). Wipes down for easy maintenance. Wonderful lay-dee-filled gallery (see below.) Just 122 buckeroonies. [AxPertZ » 12/03/07 8:37am 12/03/07 8:37am

Ladies' Facial Shaver Makes me Say "Whoaaa"

This, my friends, is National's Ferie facial shaver for ladies, available on Amazon Japan for around $30 bucks. It's got two interchangeable blades, one for trimming your eyebrows, the other for "downy hair" (as opposed to "uppy hair," I guess.) I don't see anything wrong with a quick pluck, so this is not one for me… » 9/21/07 4:52am 9/21/07 4:52am