Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation

I find myself, probably like many of you, spending way too much time in front of my computer. When I do face-to-face meetings, my colleagues and I typically met around some conference table, sometimes at an airport lounge (nothing like getting the most out of a long layover), and quite often at coffee shops (hello… » 1/15/13 12:00pm 1/15/13 12:00pm

Treadmill Bed Sends Mixed Signals to the Morbidly Obese

This handy invention is a combination of a treadmill and a bed. It automatically props your fat ass up and puts your feet on a treadmill. Apparently, you can exercise this way. Wait, what? Call me crazy, but moving your feet while sitting down isn't a form of exercise. It certainly isn't jogging. If you're sitting on… » 9/02/08 10:30am 9/02/08 10:30am

S(tool) Turns Garden Fork into Garden Chair

It's been a long summer day tending the garden and you need to sit down, but there is no chair in sight. If only you were using the S(tool), then you wouldn't have to worry about finding one. Designed by Langton Stead, the S(tool) is a bent wood handle with two garden forks on either side. All you have to do is shove… » 2/12/08 5:10pm 2/12/08 5:10pm

'Abdominal Etching' Provides a Six-Pack Without the Exercise

Do you want a hot set of washboard abs to impress the ladies with? Are you also much too lazy to actually do the sit-ups required to get them naturally? Good news, America! You can get "abdominal etching" done, a form of plastic surgery that gives you a six-pack without the work. For a mere $4,000 to $7,000 you too… » 11/09/07 11:20am 11/09/07 11:20am

Rocket Fishing Rod: If You're Too Lazy to Fish Properly

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, dammit. Sure, sitting on a boat in the sun drinking beer with your buddies is relaxing, but what about the whole casting motion? You call that relaxing?! I need to actually move my arm and exert some energy, which I am not a fan of. What I need is this Rocket Fishing Rod, which… » 1/30/07 11:50am 1/30/07 11:50am