These two animated elephant seals basically explain life on a lazy day

That stupid bird—it could be a mosquito, a fly, the hot wind, plans I don't want to follow up on, a lost remote, commercials, pop up ads, a computer fan running, whatever—that keeps bothering me when all I want to do is nothing and not move and never think is the absolute worst. These two CGI pinnipeds capture that… » 5/09/14 7:02pm 5/09/14 7:02pm

Everything You Need To Get Around Without Ever Getting Up

Sometimes dragging yourself out of bed can feel like the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. But because of work, school, chores, or disapproving spouses, you get up anyways. However, what if there was a way to be lazy while still being productive? Surely it would change lives for the better, right? » 10/16/12 3:40pm 10/16/12 3:40pm

10 Gadgets For Guys Who Hate To Cook (But Love to Eat)

Look around. You probably have soda cans, pizza boxes and take out containers lying all over the place. Come on man, just because you are a lazy bachelor doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little home cooking every once in awhile. So, with that in mind, check out the following list of gadgets. You too can eat like a king… » 8/15/08 4:00pm 8/15/08 4:00pm

Zero-Gee Computing Recliner Proves Our Fat Future is Now

Everyone saw Wall-E, right? And how the luxury cruisers of the future glide around in floating touch-screen-equipped easy chairs? Then the Zero-Gee gaming/blogging "workstation" should look mighty familiar. Its ergonomic, reclining frame is designed to ensure your ass is free from the forces of gravity as you type,… » 7/21/08 2:20pm 7/21/08 2:20pm

Boom Arm Starbase Workstation: Because Laptops are Too Heavy For Nerds

The Boom Arm Starbase Workstation-now there is a product aimed squarely at nerds. It combines computing and extreme laziness with a little "Starbase" sci-fi flavor thrown in. I mean, you could use a product like the LapDawg-but that would require actually lifting the laptop now and then. The swing arm action on the… » 6/26/08 6:20pm 6/26/08 6:20pm

Gadgets That Help You Slack Off at Work When the Boss Isn't Looking

Did you get stuck with weekend duty at work? Are you just plain bored at your job? Sitting in an office all day may not be the most exciting way to spend your time, but that does not mean that you can't make the most of it. And when I say "most of it" I am definitely not referring to increasing your productivity—the… » 5/09/08 4:00pm 5/09/08 4:00pm

10 Lazy Gadgets To Help You Automate Your Weekend

The end of the week is nigh. You have worked hard and now it's time to relax. That is the spirit behind the new "Thank Giz It's Friday" roundup. This week it is all about gadgets that will help you breeze through the weekend with as little physical effort as possible—a guide to the ultimate in laziness. The way I see… » 4/18/08 4:00pm 4/18/08 4:00pm

Tennis Ball Cannon is a Dog's Best Robotic Friend

Now, a beer launching fridge I can understand, but a tennis ball cannon? I find it amusing when someone spends a tremendous amount of time and effort building something that can automate basic functions—like throwing a tennis ball to a wiener dog. But the results speak for themselves. It is an inspiration for lazy… » 3/17/08 10:00pm 3/17/08 10:00pm

A Chair That Walks For You: Supreme Laziness Doesn't Come Cheap

Chairs that can walk are nothing new, but this is the first version that I have seen that you can actually buy. The mechanics in this eight-legged chair are sophisticated enough to move a "passenger" around the room, but there is no information available about how one would actually steer this thing, how fast it can… » 1/24/08 6:30pm 1/24/08 6:30pm

Effortless Kayaking, Motorized by the Sun's Rays

If you're too lazy to paddle your own kayak, the solar-powered SPK-1 outrigger can harness the energy of the sun to get you on your way. Three big solar panels on this kayak-mounted attachment feed power to a silent-running electric trolling motor with 36 pounds of thrust. On the next page, take a look at a detailed… » 11/27/07 10:46am 11/27/07 10:46am