Ahrend 750 Office Furniture Electronically Adjusts For the Freakishly Short

Tall or short, the Ahrend 750 Office Furniture System will give you the fit you need thanks to a built-in electronic height adjustment feature. Users can raise or lower the desk with a simple push of a button. Plus, an LCD display makes re-adjusting the desk to your preferred height a snap. It's kind of like the… » 10/10/07 7:30pm 10/10/07 7:30pm

24-Inch Syncmaster Monitor from Samsung Has Legs, Supports HDCP

Samsung has brought out another LCD monitor from its Syncmaster range. The 245T is a 24-inch monitor with PiP (Picture in Picture), PbP (that's Picture by Picture), and its Motion Picture Acceleration gives better-quality pics. Also featured is HMDI and S-Video connections. Another pic, plus the price after the jump. » 10/08/07 6:56am 10/08/07 6:56am

Media Décor HideandChic: Drastic Measures to Hide That Flat Panel

In olden times they used to hide their TV sets in a bulky piece of console furniture, but now you can hide that screen underneath a picture frame covered by the paintings of the masters with Media Décor's Hide and Chic system. It springs into action when you press its remote control, robotically retracting that LCD… » 1/29/07 2:00pm 1/29/07 2:00pm