Ahrend 750 Office Furniture Electronically Adjusts For the Freakishly Short

Tall or short, the Ahrend 750 Office Furniture System will give you the fit you need thanks to a built-in electronic height adjustment feature. Users can raise or lower the desk with a simple push of a button. Plus, an LCD display makes re-adjusting the desk to your preferred height a snap. It's kind of like the… »10/10/07 7:30pm10/10/07 7:30pm


24-Inch Syncmaster Monitor from Samsung Has Legs, Supports HDCP

Samsung has brought out another LCD monitor from its Syncmaster range. The 245T is a 24-inch monitor with PiP (Picture in Picture), PbP (that's Picture by Picture), and its Motion Picture Acceleration gives better-quality pics. Also featured is HMDI and S-Video connections. Another pic, plus the price after the jump. »10/08/07 6:56am10/08/07 6:56am

Media Décor HideandChic: Drastic Measures to Hide That Flat Panel

In olden times they used to hide their TV sets in a bulky piece of console furniture, but now you can hide that screen underneath a picture frame covered by the paintings of the masters with Media Décor's Hide and Chic system. It springs into action when you press its remote control, robotically retracting that LCD… »1/29/07 2:00pm1/29/07 2:00pm