Samsung Refutes Report and Says That It Will Still Sell LCD Panels to…

Earlier today, The Korea Times reported that Samsung would stop selling LCD panels to Apple. That report seems to be wrong. Samsung has come out to say that, "Samsung Display has never tried to cut the supply for LCD panels to Apple." » 10/22/12 9:59pm 10/22/12 9:59pm

Future LCDs Panels Will Use Its Own Light to Create Energy

Researchers at UCLA have a new idea on how to use LCD panels, and it has nothing to do with video. Instead, they've devised a technology allowing screens to absorb and convert various light sources (like its own) into energy. » 8/18/11 12:00pm 8/18/11 12:00pm

Toshiba's So Committed to Creating iPhone's LCD Screens, It's Building…

Toshiba's apparently investing $1.19 billion building a Japanese factory devoted entirely to making iPhone LCDs. Work on the factory will commence later next year, so if Toshiba gets the contract for iPhone 5 screens, they'll have to be made elsewhere. » 12/14/10 4:05am 12/14/10 4:05am

HP's 30 Inch, Billion Color-Displaying ZR30w Monitor Reviewed

HotHardware has a thorough review of the HP ZR30w, a 30" LCD monitor with exceptional color resolution. Their verdict? The S-IPS panel and huge color gamut make for an excellent display that's affordable among its peers. » 7/27/10 3:10pm 7/27/10 3:10pm

HP's New 30" ZR30w Display Can Show Over a Billion Colors

HP's new ZR30w S-IPS LCD display has a color resolution of 30-bits per pixel, resulting in some 1.07 billion displayable colors. If you're keeping count, that's about 64 times as many as you can see on an average LCD. » 6/01/10 1:20pm 6/01/10 1:20pm