Taiwanese LCD Maker Must Pay $220 Million for Price-Fixing Conspiracy

Chi Mei Optoelectronics, a major LCD maker who sells to companies including Apple, HP and Dell, has admitted to a wide-scale price fixing conspiracy between late 2001 and late 2006. The details are being kept under wraps, but Chi Mei has pled guilty to the charges in a San Francisco court, and in addition to the… » 12/09/09 11:15pm 12/09/09 11:15pm

Hitachi Pleads Guilty to Fixing Prices on LCD Panels

Hitachi has agreed to pay a $31 million fine after admitting to fixing prices on LCD screens sold to Dell from 2001 to 2004. Last year, LG Display, Sharp and Chungwa Picture Tubes also admitted to LCD price-fixing and ended up paying similar fines, totaling more than $600 million to the United States government. [… » 3/11/09 7:40pm 3/11/09 7:40pm