Toshiba's So Committed to Creating iPhone's LCD Screens, It's Building…

Toshiba's apparently investing $1.19 billion building a Japanese factory devoted entirely to making iPhone LCDs. Work on the factory will commence later next year, so if Toshiba gets the contract for iPhone 5 screens, they'll have to be made elsewhere. » 12/14/10 4:05am 12/14/10 4:05am

Only Students Will Get To Use Microsoft's LCD Screen Keyboard

Microsoft has built their own version of the fabled Optimus Maximus—a QWERTY keyboard set on top of an LCD screen dubbed the Adaptive Keyboard. It looks stunning, but they're only letting students use it. » 8/13/10 10:50am 8/13/10 10:50am

LCD Prices Climbing During Recession, Chinese Farmers To Blame

Cheap electronics can be counted as one of the few perks of a recession, but because of China's stimulus plan, tobacco farmers in Qinhai and simple economics, LCD screens are actually getting more expensive. » 4/14/09 4:13am 4/14/09 4:13am

Toshiba and Matsushita Announce World's Slimmest LCD Screen: .99mm

Weren't we just gushing about LG and Philips paring down a cellphone screen to 1.3mm? Now Toshiba and Matsushita have topped (bottomed?) that, with an even-thinner LCD screen that's less than a millimeter thick. The .99mm, 2-inch-diagonal screen is so skinny, if it were any thinner crack whores would be calling it… » 10/06/06 10:08am 10/06/06 10:08am