Funai (Sylvania, Symphonic and Emerson) Will Sell HDTVs With Blu-rays In 'Em

Funai, whose subsidiaries are more familiar to us as Sylvania, Symphonic and Emerson, is planning on selling LCD HDTVs with Blu-rays on-board starting summer 2009. The company's previous successes in recent years with combo units (TVs with VCRs and TVs with DVDs) totaled up 40% and 20% of their sales in the US… »8/13/08 3:20pm8/13/08 3:20pm

Samsung and Armani Launch HDTVs That Look... Like Every Other HDTV

The Samsung/Armani design train keeps rolling, now from cellphones to HDTVs. Today in Milan, Sammy and Giorgio showed off the first Armani LCD TVs—a 46-incher and a 52-inch model. Both are 100Hz "Full HD" sets (hopefully that means 1080p, not 1080i), and will strut their stuff in Europe, Korea and Russia this summer.… »4/17/08 12:34pm4/17/08 12:34pm

Japan Sony's Bravia F Series Are Thinner, Have 24p Cinema Mode

Sony has upped its LCD count again, releasing its Bravia F Series. At just over an inch thick, the TVs, which come in 46-, 42- and 32-inch sizes and can be wall-mounted, have 24p Cinema mode and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Oh, and a more simple remote unit, apparently. While these are Japan only models, the US line… »2/21/08 5:16am2/21/08 5:16am

Sony's Japan-Only Bravia M-Series Get Multicolored, Bunny-Style

Sony Japan has updated their low-end Bravias with two M-Series LCD TVs. The 20-inch KDL-20M1 and 16-inch KDL-16M1 share common technology, with 1366 x 768 pixel screens with a 178-degree viewing angle, and an updated Bravia 2 video engine. The fun starts with the colored frames these TVs have: Sony seems to have… »2/21/08 3:46am2/21/08 3:46am

Stainless-Steel LCD TV for Iron Chefs in the Kitchen

Meant for your kitchen countertop, this 20-inch stainless-steel LCD TV will match most of your other kitchen wares, and comes with a water-resistant remote for accidental splashage. The resolution isn't specified, though it's an HDTV with an HDMI input. Granted, if you're just using it to follow along with Alton Brown… »11/19/07 7:10pm11/19/07 7:10pm