LCD TV Weight Could Be Halved Due To Japanese Research

Japan invented the LCD TV (well, Sharp to be exact), so if anyone was going to decrease the weight of them by half, it'd be their countrymen. A light layer of heat-resistant silicon dioxide on plastic replacing the heavier glass substrates does just the trick according to Japanese chemical company Teijin, who's… » 3/24/10 11:35am 3/24/10 11:35am

Samsung Develops New 'Blue Phase' LCD Panel for TVs

Samsung has developed a new technology for LCD panels called Blue Phase, which it claims improves picture quality on its high-end LCD TVs. Called Blue Phase, the cost-efficient design eschews liquid crystal alignment layers, instead making its own, bringing production costs down. Current video image quality is driven… » 5/14/08 5:25am 5/14/08 5:25am

Hitachi Release Specs of Its Ultra-Thin Woo TV With Wireless Main Unit

We brought you the good news that Hitachi's swanky UT range of LCD TVs would be coming to the US, and now Hitachi has dished the dirt on their specifications. The 32-inch version will have a 1366 x 768 screen, versus the 1920 x 1080 of the bigger 37- and 42-inch versions. But all are just 1.4 inches deep (that'll be… » 4/14/08 6:05am 4/14/08 6:05am

Pioneer Giving Kuro Brand to LCD TVs and LCOS Projectors

Pigs officially fly today: Plasma king Pioneer has announced their LCD lineup for Europe, and yep, they're getting the coveted Kuro distinction (equivalent to a "best TV on earth" badge) as is the already released KRF-9000FD LCOS projector. The 1080p LCD sets are on the smaller side (leaving big boy TVs to plasma) in… » 4/08/08 2:21pm 4/08/08 2:21pm

Virtual Press Office Leaks JVC Dual-iPod Dock, World's Thinnest LCDs and More CES Announcements

We just got an automated e-mail from the Virtual Press Office with 64 press release titles, all with broken links. But the titles themselves are very exciting, particularly the ones concerning JVC:
• LCDs with integrated iPod docks
• Dual-iPod docking stations
• "Colorful" Everio camcorders
• The world's thinnest LCD… » 12/27/07 1:10pm 12/27/07 1:10pm

The Trouble With LCD TVs: Motion Blur and the 120Hz Solution

When I first saw LCD TVs in stores and at exhibitions years ago, I was like, WTF? Why would anyone buy these? They were blurry as hell—couldn't everyone see that? Over time, the blur problem has subsided thanks to improved refresh rates of 8ms and less. But motion blur is not only caused by refresh rate, it's a… » 8/16/07 2:00pm 8/16/07 2:00pm