The Leaf AFi 10 Camera Delivers 56 Megapixels

This has been a big month for big-time cameras. First we we first saw the Hasselblad H3DII-50 and its whopping 50-megapixel sensor, which was topped the following week by the Phase One's P65+. The Leaf AFi 10 medium format camera falls in the middle of the war over sensor-size with a 56x36mm TWF sensor that cranks out… » 7/31/08 3:20pm 7/31/08 3:20pm

Your Fridge Gets the Forest Effect with Leaf Magnets

Forget fridge magnet poetry— you know you only used it to make up smutty phrases anyway—stick these fridge leaves on that boring metal door, and you'd have your own indoor forest. Granted it would be much more "lovely" if it was made of real leaves not plastic ones, but I reckon they've got a charm all of their own.… » 3/20/08 3:30pm 3/20/08 3:30pm