Did Google Accidentally Leak the Next Nexus Phone?

Well, would you look at that. In Google's unveiling video of the new Kit Kat statue of Android, a mysterious Nexus phone appears in the hands of a Googler taking a picture of said Kit Kat statue. It doesn't look like any Nexus phone we've ever seen, the Nexus logo is horizontal, the camera seems significantly larger… » 9/03/13 7:03pm 9/03/13 7:03pm

The International Space Station Is Leaking Ammonia

Earlier today, astronauts on the International Space Station spotted "small white flakes" floating away from the ISS and into space. NASA and the Expedition 35 crew on the ISS have fingered those white flakes as ammonia and that the rate of ammonia leaking from the space station is increasing. Hmm. That can't be good,… » 5/09/13 8:08pm 5/09/13 8:08pm

Yahoo Manages to Leak Private Security Key With New Chrome Extension

Yahoo has just released its Axis extension—a visual search tool that links across desktop and mobile devices—but sadly, there's a hitch. During the release, Yahoo managed to leak a private security key in its Chrome version, that could allow anyone to create malicious plugins masquerading as official software. Oops. » 5/24/12 7:01am 5/24/12 7:01am