Leaked iPad Mini 2 Casing Shows a Possible 'Space Gray' Version

So with the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced a new 'Space Gray' color that is its new black. Not in that tired fashionista way where trends are considered the new black but in a completely literal way in that Apple is calling its black 'Space Gray'. So maybe it's not surprising that a supposedly leaked iPad Mini 2 casing… »9/20/13 8:17pm9/20/13 8:17pm

This Might Be the Nexus 5 Because It Looks Like That Leaked Nexus 5

This involves a meticulous combination of dots plus a mini-leap of faith but a LG phone with the name D820 just cleared the ranks of the FCC. Usually this wouldn't mean much to us but it does sort of, kind of look like the mysterious Nexus phone that popped up in the Android Kit Kat statue video that was pulled by… »9/05/13 10:07pm9/05/13 10:07pm

The New Boxee TV Might Be the Set Top Box We've Been Waiting For: Live TV Broadcasts, DVR and More

We've been waiting for a set top box that could shake up the current craptastic boxes we get from our cable companies and/or do more than some of the neutered offerings available and Boxee may have figured it out. Or at least done something different than throw out the same black square puck as everybody else. This… »10/08/12 11:20pm10/08/12 11:20pm

Leaked Microsoft Document Reveals the Xbox 720, Kinect 2, and a Possible Google Glass Competitor

E3 has come and gone without any sign of the Xbox's successor. But a leaked Microsoft presentation, dating back to August of 2010, seems to indicate that the oft-rumored Xbox 720 is definitely on the way, and is on track for a holidays 2013 release complete with Kinect 2, more set-top box functionality, and a pair of… »6/16/12 12:30pm6/16/12 12:30pm

T-Mobile G2 Runs Android 2.2 But Only Has A 800MHz Processor

Looks like the T-Mobile G2 will actually have an 800MHz processor instead of the 1GHz Snapdragon we were expecting. Which will disappoint the number hungry among us, but I'll wait to play with it before I write off an otherwise excellent looking phone. In better news, Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 is a definite go… »9/01/10 11:58pm9/01/10 11:58pm

AT&T Document Reveals Several Launch Dates: BlackBerry Bold Pushed to November

According to an AT&T product sheet obtained by BGR »9/18/08 1:00pm9/18/08 1:00pm, the Blackberry Bold has been pushed back to November despite several bits of evidence stating that it . That issue right there may or may not put the validity of the rest of this information in question, but if you are curious to know the possible release dates for…

AMD Processor Roadmap Leaked Online: Quad-Core "Deneb" Phenoms in January

AMD's immediate processor plans have been leaked in the form of a PowerPoint slide to Spanish site »9/04/08 10:45am9/04/08 10:45am. Dual-core "Brisbane" Athlons at 2.6GHz are due in October, alongside "Toliman" triple-core Phenoms. November sees the single-core "Lima" Athlon chip, obviously destined for low-power devices, since it runs at…