Washington Post Reporter On the How and Why of Latest NSA Revelations

Last week, The Washington Post published the results of a huge investigation into NSA records leaked by Edward Snowden. Based on tons of data, the paper asserted that ninety percent of messages intercepted by the NSA came from U.S. citizens and non-targets. Today, Post reporter Barton Gellman gives us an inside look » 7/12/14 4:29pm 7/12/14 4:29pm

New HTC One Seemingly Leaked in This Detailed 12-Minute Video

Given we already seem to know so much about this year's HTC One successor, you have to wonder what will be left for the struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer to show off at its March 25th showcase event. Thanks to this lengthy video leak, they might as well box 'em up and get the phone down to the shops already. » 3/03/14 6:25am 3/03/14 6:25am

The NSA Has Hacked Mexican and Brazilian Government Email For Years

Beginning in May 2010, the NSA gained access to the Mexican Presidencia domain on the Mexican Presidential network and began monitoring then-president Felipe Calderon's email account, according to a document leaked to Der Spiegel by Edward Snowden. The document also shows that the NSA has been surveilling the… » 10/20/13 1:07pm 10/20/13 1:07pm

Rumored iPhone 5S Hardware Leaks Point to Fingerprint Sensor

We've already seen some (supposed) software leaks implying that the newest iPhone will come bundled up with a biometric fingerprint sensor, but now we actually have the hardware images to back that up. Newly leaked photos from the French blog Nowhereelse.fr show what purports to be iPhone 5S internal components—ample… » 8/16/13 10:25am 8/16/13 10:25am

This New Leaked Nexus 7 Totally Looks Like the Other Leaked Nexus 7

Let's face it. The new Nexus 7 is no longer a surprise. We've already seen it. We've already seen press shots for it. Hell, we pretty much know all the details. And now here it is in its full packaging, which means someone was able to get a real version of it early. Which means the Nexus 7 is pretty much ready to go. » 7/23/13 7:31pm 7/23/13 7:31pm