Close Call: Apple's OS X Almost Looked Exactly Like OS 8 (From the Book

There's a gem of a story—one of many—in Leander Kahney's new book, Inside Steve's Brain, about the biggest OS X mistake Apple never made: The original plan UI was to take the old crusty crap interface from Mac OS Classic and drop it on top of the core. Thankfully Steve Jobs called the entire UI team a "bunch of… » 4/21/08 8:02pm 4/21/08 8:02pm

Wired on Apple: "Pray" to "Evil Genius" in 11 Years

Wired's April cover has Apple on it, and longtime readers and Macheads will notice the similarities between this and the June 1997 issue's art. But while the earlier cover read "Pray" this one reads "Evil/Genius", an homage to the decisions The Steve has made in the face of conventional business school wisdom, and the… » 3/17/08 4:30pm 3/17/08 4:30pm