Watch a giant pile of leaves blow up in a crazy line explosion

You shouldn’t do this. Burning up dried leaves is dangerous and not exactly great for your health and also pollutes the air. So yeah, don’t try this at home. Instead, just watch this video of a guy lighting a huge line of dry leaves doused in gasoline on fire and watch it instantly create this totally crazy fire line.… »11/19/15 3:45pm11/19/15 3:45pm


Plan Your Leaf-Watching With This Lovely Fall Foliage Map

It's the time of year where people go out into rural America seeking swollen gourds and fermented apple juice all in the name of Fall Fun™. And because timing is everything when it comes to these things, this beautiful fall foliage forecast map will aid you in your important quest to see the most chlorophyll-free »10/11/14 4:00pm10/11/14 4:00pm

Winsome Leaf Keychain Speakers are Almost Certainly Irritating in Real Life

At first glance, this leaf from Bird Electron doesn't seem like such a bad idea: Provide people with a small, unamplified, discreet speaker that can hook up to pretty much any MP3 player, wrap it in a cute little leafy shell and clip it to a keychain. But then, please »11/21/08 5:04am11/21/08 5:04am, consider the uses. When can't you just give you…