How LED Streetlights Will Change Cinema (And Make Cities Look Awesome)

The decision by the city of Los Angeles last year to replace its high-pressure sodium streetlights—known for their distinctive yellow hue—with new, blue-tinted LEDs might have a profound effect on at least one local industry. All of those LEDs, with their new urban color scheme, will dramatically change how the city… » 2/03/14 12:00pm 2/03/14 12:00pm

Panasonic 4K Life+Screen Television Eyes-On: Life After Plasma

Yesterday, Panasonic told us that its new 4K LED Life+Screen TVs has picture quality that's just as good as its recently murdered plasma line. I spent some time with the 85-incher. Plasma was wonderful, but everything's gonna be OK. There can still be beauty. » 1/07/14 4:38pm 1/07/14 4:38pm

What's Your Favorite Philips Hue App?

The Philips Hue smart lighting system is, by virtually all accounts, very awesome. I mean, who wouldn't want access to all 6 million colors of the LED rainbow at their fingertips? But damn, if the stock Hue app doesn't leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, as the Hue's popularity grows, so too do the number of… » 11/05/13 4:50pm 11/05/13 4:50pm

Philips Adds a New Bulb To The Hue Lineup

The first bulbs in Philips' color-changing, app-controlled Hue line were designed to mimic the omnidirectional shine of standard A19 light bulbs. This made them ideal for conventional lamps, but wasted a large portion of their light when installed in recessed ceiling fixtures. But today, Philips has announced the new… » 11/05/13 12:32pm 11/05/13 12:32pm

How LED Lighting Is Being Used to Comfort Patients in Intensive Care

If you've ever stepped foot in an intensive care unit, you'll know that they can be pretty grim environments. That's all changing, though, thanks to LED lighting systems that can actually be used to improve patient care. » 10/24/13 5:30am 10/24/13 5:30am

The New iPhone Camera Has Dual-Flash, Slow-Mo Video, and "DSLR" Autofocus

Today, we got a look at the the future of the iPhone camera. Apple's doubling down on its imaging tech in the hopes that it can catch the eye of the people who really care about the quality of their images. Here's what you need to know about the future of your memory maker. » 9/10/13 1:51pm 9/10/13 1:51pm

Vizio 55" Razor LED HDTV Lightning Review: Good and Cheap

$9,000 for a TV? Doesn't matter if it's curved, spherical, or damned trapezoidal; doesn't matter if the LEDs are organically raised or not, that's an absurd amount of money to throw down on a set. And unless you're a lucky member of the 1 percent, it's not really even an option. Here's a solid TV for the every-man. » 9/05/13 10:00am 9/05/13 10:00am

Nikon's Tiny LED Light Keeps Darkness Out of Your Camera's Way

Nikon's LD-1000 LED movie light is an inexpensive, portable lighting solution that could make shooting video with company's Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras a lot easier. The always-on light mounts to your camera and keeps the scene in front of you continuously illuminated with what Nikon promises is a natural-looking,… » 9/05/13 12:01am 9/05/13 12:01am

Make Your Own LED Shoes That Light Up When You Walk

Look. Your adult self is pretty much a failure to your 8-year-old childhood self. You don't buy toys for yourself anymore. You don't remember the last time you gorged out in the candy aisle. You try to eat healthy. You talk about things like politics and the economy and lumbar support. You basically lost everything you … » 9/04/13 9:09pm 9/04/13 9:09pm

Cree LED Bulb Review: Nobody Needs to Know You've Gone Green

LED light bulbs have always been a bit like car repairs: they're either good quality or affordable, but very rarely both. And it's all very well and good that these bulbs use a fraction of the electricity as incandescents but dropping $30-$40 on a single bulb—especially when they're so alien looking—keeps many… » 7/08/13 4:20pm 7/08/13 4:20pm

What Are You Doing About Light Bulbs These Days?

There are the LED lightbulbs you know you should buy, and then there are the insane 10 for $10 sales that try to lure you back to the incandescent days. But between everlasting light bulbs, app-controlled light bulbs and light bulbs that do the dishes and see into the future, it's pretty clear that change is upon us.… » 6/23/13 2:18pm 6/23/13 2:18pm