LED Flashlight Lightsaber Whooshes to Life, Shines Bright Blue Light

Though we're still galaxies away from having real » 8/23/08 1:15pm 8/23/08 1:15pm lightsabers, the wonderful people in charge of Star Wars merchandising has given us the next best thing-LED flash light lightsabers. The Star Wars Lightsaber LED torch is a full size replica lightsaber handle which makes that whooshing noise when you turn it on and…

Twinbeamz Two-headed Flashlight Twists Multiple Ways

This twisty, water-resistant flashlight can illuminate pretty much any nook and cranny in your apartment. It's got dual flashlight heads (one on each end) and can be bent, curved or shaped in any way. Just make sure to double up on batteries, because the $29 price doesn't include the 4 AAs you'll need to power this… » 4/11/07 12:03pm 4/11/07 12:03pm